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Create Your Brand Story

Have you noticed that most websites are ‘Me, me, me?’ Your client might be selling the best product ever made, but if their site is all about how great they are, they won’t gain customers. Customers aren’t interested in how awesome someone else is. They’re interested in their own struggles.

A much better approach is for a business to have a story – complete with drama and a heroic ending – to connect with customers. Once your client has defined who they are and who their customers are, connect the two by creating a great brand story. These three elements are key.

1)     The Villain.  No story holds our attention with a great bad guy/gal. The villain builds the suspense and shows us how bad things are without a hero. In your story, the villain will be the pain points of your client’s customers. A good villain is well developed – in your literature, be sure you explore the pain points the customer is facing in detail. This will help the client feel understood, while also bringing these particular issues to the surface of their mind, helping them seek a solution.

2)     The Hero. After the Villain causes a lot of trouble, we have the second element of a great story – the Hero! Of course, in your story, the Hero is your client’s product or service. In all great stories, we see a conflict between the Hero and the Villain as the Hero tries to save the day. Detail the ways that their product or service meets the pain points of the customer.

3)     The Happy Ending. I don’t know about you, but I hate stories that don’t have happy endings. Fortunately, you can provide a happy ending for each story. It’s not enough to show a product meets the pain points; you need to detail what life after the Hero is like. Testimonials or a well-drawn scenario showing the Hero at work complete the story.

Move beyond the typical ‘Me, me, me’ of advertising. Using these three elements, create a great story that will draw in customers, and you’ll be the Hero of the day.

What’s your favorite brand story? What makes it great? Share in the comments! 

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