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Generate New LeadsSocial media is a great way to expose new people to your products and generate new leads. Figuring out how to do so efficiently is tough. Figuring out how to automate your efforts is tougher, but it is definitely worth the effort.

Fortunately for you, no effort on your part is required. I found a match made in marketing heaven, and I’m ready to tell you all about it. What is it? Twitter Lead Cards with an Infusionsoft integration! Let’s break down the steps you need to take to make this marketing magic happen.

  1. Begin a Twitter Ad account. The process we’re doing here is 100% free, but you do have to enter a credit card number to begin a Twitter Ad account. Simply log in to Twitter, click on your picture, and select Twitter Ads.

Twitter Ad Campaign

Follow the directions to create an account (not a campaign), and enter a credit card number. Again, Twitter Lead Generation Cards are free.

  1. Create a Twitter Lead Generation Card. In your Twitter Ads account, you will see some options across the top bar. Select “Creatives”, and the “Cards”. You’ll go to a screen with a big button in the middle that says “Create your first Lead Generation Card.”

When you select the button, you’ll be shown the Twitter Lead Generation Card template page, which makes it easy to simply fill in a short description, a card image, a call to action, and more. The right side of the page will show you a preview of your card as it will look to viewers.

  1. In Infusionsoft, go to the Marketplace and download the Automate Followup for Twitter Leads campaign. Guess what? This is also FREE! In the marketplace, simply search for Twitter Leads and download the free campaign. When you open the campaign in Infusionsoft, you will see complete instructions for how to implement it.

 Infusionsoft Twitter Campaign


  1. Follow the steps outlined in Infusionsoft. This will walk you through activating the campaign. First you enter the name of your freebie or offer in the campaign settings, then you enter the URL for your landing page where the freebie will be offered. Next you link the “Twitter Lead Gen Card” action to the Twitter card you already created. Lastly, you define the followup task that is created after someone accepts your offer and start promoting your Twitter Card.

Be sure to look through the emails in the educational sequence and adjust them to match your company’s normal tone. The text is there, it will just need to be tweaked.

That’s it! You’ve created an automated system that will promote a free educational giveaway, add new contacts to your email lists, and prompt you to follow-up with them further!

This process involves only four easy steps, but as a business owner sometimes you’re too busy to even wrap your mind around it.

I get it. I would love to help you get a Twitter Lead Card campaign linked to your Infusionsoft account. Contact me today to find out how I can help!

How do you use social media to generate leads? Share in the comments!

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