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Landing a new account is a great boost for any marketing firm, but creating content for the new client can be tricky if you don’t have a subject matter expert. Fortunately, there are simple steps your firm can take to create high-quality, targeted content for your client even if you don’t specialize in the industry.

1.   Get a Clear Understanding of the Client’s Goals, Customer, and Market

Before you have any idea what content is needed or what platforms are helpful, it’s important to get a handle on the client’s current market position and target customer base. If they don’t have an existing ideal customer profile, help them create one – or more than one, if needed. All content your firm creates will be aimed at the person or persons described in the profile. Many companies create content that is too broad or to company-centric. When content is correctly targeted to an individual ideal customer, it will resonate and convert.

It’s also important at this stage to understand what the client’s primary goal with the content creation process is. Understand how they define success and your firm will be positioned to blow their minds with your results and gain a long-term customer with ongoing marketing needs.

2.   Go Beyond Your Client’s Existing Content

Of course, any company has loads of existing content. This material, whether it’s brochures, a company website, or internal product descriptions, will make a great starting point for understanding the client’s industry and perspective. But it’s important to go deeper.

The existing content may be poor in quality, focused in the wrong direction, or totally out of touch with the company’s current client base. It’s important to research their competitors and other thought leaders. What content is being put out? What platforms are being used? By finding out what is being said in the industry at large, you will have a better understanding of what content is effective. You will also know what niches are underserved and can be taken advantage of by your client.

3.    High Quality Writing Pulls it All Together

This is where your content creation experts come in. These team members should be excellent at taking large amounts of information and distilling it into a single, usable piece of content. It won’t matter if they didn’t start out as industry experts – your research and their writing voice will make them sound the part.

Your content team should take the industry research and the ideal customer profile and bring them together into an excellent content strategy. By following the strategy and consistently publishing high-impact content, your content creation team will create outstanding results for your client.

4.    Test, Measure, and Wow!

This is where your hard work for your client pays off. You know the results they are looking for, so measure your content efforts regularly. Are you getting the page views, customer conversions, or engagement the client wants? If not, adjustments to the content strategy can help. You may need to post more or less frequently, or choose a different channel.

In the end, joining the ideal client with high-quality content will always create a measureable win for the client. This is where you get to brag and show off your expertise – and, of course, offer to help them with additional content or marketing services. They win by getting the conversions and growth they need, and you win by gaining another loyal, long-term client.

Great job!

What are your biggest content creation challenges? Share in the comments! 



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