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Why You May NOT Have to Rebrand Your Small Business in 2016

Why You Don't Need to Rebrand

Planning on a complete overhaul in 2016? Don’t hit the self-destruct button yet. Your brand may be salvageable.

Too many small businesses give up on (what they perceive as) an underperforming brand image. So, they invest thousands of dollars in a lengthy re-brand. They never realize they could have saved their old brand with a few cheap (or free) tweaks to their current marketing.

Here are a few things to try before writing your brand off as a failure.

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4 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed on Twitter

Get Noticed on Twitter

Twitter is more than a way to promote your business. It’s a way to make a real connection with your customers, and move brand awareness to brand loyalty.

Becoming an overnight sensation and “trending” because of an explosively shared tweet is great, but you can’t bank on that being your strategy—it happens too rarely and often inexplicably.

It’s a climb to the top, not an elevator. So let’s examine 4 things that can get your business noticed on twitter.

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3 Reasons to Kick Off 2016 with a Webinar

Start 2016 With a WebinarWebinars – you’re probably attended one or two in the past. Perhaps you’ve even learned a great deal from them.

But have you ever thought of personally hosting one?

Before you start making excuses and feeling nervous about speaking in front of (digital) people, think about this:

Over 60% of businesses are already using webinars as a big part of their content marketing strategies.

Plus, studies have shown that 20% – 40% of webinar attendees eventually turned into quality leads for businesses implementing this strategy on a regular basis.

Those are some pretty awesome statistics.

But the benefits of hosting a webinar don’t stop there. Take a look at our top three reasons why you should kick off the new year with a webinar for your business:

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5 Ways to Use Facebook Groups as a Marketing Tool For Your Business

Facebook Groups for Business

Several years ago, Facebook Groups were a way to promote your business. Not anymore. Businesses are now found on Pages, not Groups. Groups are used to socialize, talk about a common theme, and share other types of information. But that doesn’t mean that Groups are dead to small business owners. Here are 5 ways you can still use groups to promote your business.

1. Find Your Customers

Find groups that are related to your business. If you sell boats, look for groups for boaters, cottagers, or fishermen. Your business may not have an obvious community, but think hard about your target market and you will find something.

The most important part is to make sure you join groups you can contribute more to than just information about your company.

Pro-tip: Use Facebook’s Graph function to find groups you should contribute to.

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What a Fat Toad Can Teach You About Small Business Marketing

Fat Toad Small Business Marketing

I have a very fat toad that lives near my house – see the picture on the right. I was looking at him (or her) after a walk the other day, and I realized that as toads go, my little friend was very successful. That got me thinking. Why was my friend so successful? I realized this toad could teach me a lot about small business marketing, and I want to share those lessons with you.

I don’t know anything about toad gender, but I’ve decided to call my toad “she” for the rest of this article. ☺

Pick Your Location

Business is all about location, location, location, right? It’s important to be at the right place at the right time. If you have a physical store, you want to be at a good intersection, where there’s a lot of traffic and it’s easy to get in or out. Not only that, your ideal customers have to frequent the area.

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How to Create a Social Media Routine

Create a Social Media Routine

The sheer volume of expectation business owners feel surrounding social media can be very overwhelming. There are new apps every day, and many small businesses feel they need a presence on every one of them to be legitimate.

In addition, it can be hard to create a routine for social media without feeling inauthentic. Many small business owners hate scheduling social media posts in advance, because it feels contrived, and because it doesn’t seem to build the relationships they need.

These frustrations are easy to understand. Fortunately, it is possible to create an authentic, effective social media routine. Here’s how.

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Does Market Research Matter for Small Business?

Market Research MattersLet’s say you’re a small business owner. Maybe you have a few employees. Maybe you work alone. But either way, you’re wondering – does market research matter for me? And if so, what do I need to do?

Great question! The short answer is, yes, market research matters for every business. Large or small, every company has to sell something to someone. How do you know what to sell, or who to sell it to, if you aren’t aware of your market?

If You Build It, No One Cares

Let’s face it – just creating something and putting it out into the world isn’t enough. It was never enough. You have to connect your product or service with those who need it. So, that means you have to know what you’re creating, who needs it, where those people hang out, and what kind of outreach they respond to.

Interested in how to do this? CLICK HERE to get a free report describing the Three Easy Steps to Defining Your Marketing Message!

Doing market research gives you access to the data you need to answer those burning questions. Once you know the answers, you’ll be able to position your product or service in front of the right audience, in a way that they will receive it and be ready to purchase. Continue Reading →

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