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Creating great content is vital, as I discussed Tuesday. But even great content won’t be effective if you don’t know why you created it and what you intend it to do. When you know your content’s mission, you’ll know exactly how, where, and when to position it for maximum effect.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is successful content deployment. It’s challenging, but attainable. Are you in?

And no, this blog post won’t self-destruct in 10 seconds. Take your time.

Content Mission 1: Build Community

Community building content is sharable and memorable. It’s about making sure your brand story is shared with your target market and that your name becomes recognizable. This content should not be at all sales-related, but rather focused on story-telling. To create great community building content, focus on knowing who you are as a brand and who your ideal clients are. Use this content to build a wide, sturdy bridge between the two.

Content Mission 2: Educate

This content is aimed at prospects high in marketing funnel. They are interested in your type of product, but perhaps not yet in your exact company. Educational content is to help build a prospect’s trust in your company as an expert and a resource. In this content, be sure to share both the pros AND the cons of your industry. You’ll come off as honest and more trustworthy. To create great educational content, share your industry knowledge in a way your prospects can understand and relate to. Be a helping hand.

Content Mission 3: Persuasion

Persuasive content is aimed at the midpoint of the sales funnel. Your prospect is very interested in the product, but they need some help understanding the overall value and benefits. Persuasive content is about showing your prospects the overwhelming value of your type of product. Don’t worry about touting your company as the best provider yet. To create great persuasive content, focus on the benefits of your product or service. Don’t waste time listing features – tell your prospect exactly how their life will be transformed by the product.

Content Mission 4: Sales and Conversion

Conversion content is aimed at the bottom of the sales funnel. Now the prospect is ready to buy but needs to choose a provider. This is where you start to give details of your pricing and the value of buying specifically from YOU. Negative advertising doesn’t work well – it reminds people of politics – but a good, honest comparison article or chart can be very effective. To create great conversion content, focus on the principles of copywriting: a compelling offer, great benefits, and a powerful call to action.

So there you have it – four focuses of successful content. What mission is your current content serving? Where do you need to shore up your efforts? Share in the comments!

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