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            When you create content for your website, you probably focus on pointing out your company’s experience and your product’s features and benefits. That’s fine, to a point. It’s important to take it a step further. You want your website or landing page to focus on your prospect, not on you. More than that, you want to engage the prospect and help them create an idea of how they’d use the product and how it would benefit them. You need to give them vision.

How well do you know your customer?

The first step to creating vision is understanding who your prospect is – not just demographically, but in terms of hopes, dreams, and fears. When you understand those, you have the beginnings of the vision. You want to create a website that shows how your product helps people realize their hopes, reach their dreams, or overcome their fears. Does that sound a bit lofty for your product or service? The truth is the only way any product sells is because it creates a vision.

Examples of vision

            Even very mundane products create a vision of fulfillment for potential customers. Let’s look at a few quick examples:

Vacuum cleaner. The workhorse of a home. Still, good content can create a vision: A spotless home where guests can be easily and often entertained. An easy cleaning job that takes no effort because the vacuum does all the work. An end to the worry of cobwebs in corners and dust in crevices. Before you know it, your prospect is the best housekeeper and hostess in the world, in their mind. And they’re buying your product.

Cold medicine. There’s nothing exotic or fun about cold medicine. This vision focuses on conquering fears: A sniffle starts, and the cold medicine is quickly administered. A week of horrible stuffy nose, cough, and miserable feelings is averted. The prospect can go back to work feeling good and looking great. The vision is that there is no need to fear winter colds – life can be lived with confidence. And a life of confidence is a great way to sell a product!!

Laundry detergent. Laundry is often the least favorite chore around a home. So how do you sell a product that makes people think of their least favorite activity? You create a vision: The product removes every stain easily, helping the prospect know that their clothes will be clean effortlessly. They can feel good that they are taking care of themselves and their family. In their mind, your prospect has become a great parent and spouse, with little to no effort. That vision will stay in their mind in the laundry aisle, and they’ll pick your brand.

How do YOU create vision?

            If every day products like vacuums, cold medicine, and detergent can create vision, your product or service certainly can too. So now the ball is in your court – what vision can you create for your prospects?


How do you create vision with content? Do you have any great examples of brands that create vision? Let us know in the comments!


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