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Email Newsletters

As you work with clients on their marketing mix, you’ll face a common question: Do email newsletters still work? Or are they a thing of the past, bothering more people than they engage?

With the rise of other, trendier marketing strategies, such as new types of social media marketing, the concept of sending a newsletter via email has taken the marketing backseat to some extent.

But that’s not the way it should be. The scope and effectiveness of email marketing and newsletters have been vastly underestimated lately. Is your client hard to convince? Share these statistics with them:

Still not so sure how to encourge clients to use email newsletters? Keep reading…

Email Newsletters Keep Your Client Connected with Their Audience

Statistics aside, sending a newsletter via email is also a great (and eco-friendly) way to keep in touch with an audience and/or clients. Email marketing is unique in that the individuals on the client’s mailing list actually chose to sign up to receive updates from the company when they opted in on your website. So, it’s not really too much of a stretch to imagine that these folk would actually like to receive updates from you!

Encourage clients to not be afraid to connect with their audience – if they aren’t looking for a deal or service that you offer at that time, consistent communication via email will keep the business in the forefront of the audiences’ minds. Then, the next time they need to utilize the client’s services – or know of someone who does – they’ll be more likely to choose your client over their competition. It pays to stay in touch.

Using Emails for Communication is Great for Keeping an Audience Focused

It’s no big surprise that our society is regularly overloaded with information. Between constant texting, Facebook, Twitter, and all of the other social media platforms out there, it’s easy for your client’s audience to become distracted, missing the main message of the company amongst the noise.

But that’s exactly where email marketing really shines. Instead of having to search through newsfeeds and streams of information, your client’s audience and potential customers will have the message delivered directly to their inbox, where they can peruse the content and deals uninterrupted and at their leisure.

Combine this with the fact that your client’s audience is expecting to hear from them, and you’ve basically got a recipe for success – potential clients who are both interested in what your client has to offer and paying attention to what they have to say.

Quality Email Newsletters Can Set Your Client Apart as an Industry Leader

Whenever your client sends an email, it’s likely that it will not only be informative but also contain some of their best content, with links back to their website. If you as a marketing firm really do a great job creating informative, unique and interesting content, sending this content out in an email to your client’s audience can help to establish them as a true leader within their industry.

Think of it this way – the more your client knows, and the more information that they share with others, the more respected they will be. Their audience will begin to put more of their trust in them and will be much more likely to recommend their business to a friend. A marketing partner focused on creating awesome content and sharing it via email with the client’s list will definitely pay off in the long run.

Moral of the story? Email newsletters are NOT a dead marketing technique. If your client takes the time to have emails carefully crafted to connect with their audience, they’ll be happy that they did, and their business (and back account) will thank them!

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