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Customers Dream Come True


I apologize for posting late in the day – the long weekend made today tough!

So far in this series I’ve talked about making sure your clients know who they are as a company and a brand. As a company, it’s important to know who you are, what your history is, and what your uniqueness is. Today, I’ll be talking about how to make sure your client’s content strategy will connect with their customer.

The number one rule of both sales and customer service is to find out what your customer wants, and be that 100%. It’s one thing to know your perspective – but does the perspective your client has chosen resonate with their ideal customer? If your client wants an edgy brand, are they marketing to folks who appreciate that?

This isn’t to say that your client can’t think outside the box when it comes to approaching their ideal customer. However, if what they are doing, saying, and presenting doesn’t appeal to the right people, their marketing effort will be a flop. (J.C. Penney, anyone?) In addition, if the marketing effort fails, your firm will be out a client as they search for a ‘new direction.

You want your clients to be successful, because their success makes you successful. Fortunately, you have a great tool – your client should already have metrics describing their ideal client. Use these metrics and match them up with the approach and perspective that your client is planning to use in their content strategy. If you find any glaring mismatches, you’ll be able to correct them before the client has spent time and money on Twitter, Facebook, or a blog. In addition, catching mismatches early avoids having to change voice mid-stream as they connect with their customers.

It’s important that your client know who they are. It’s important that they know their unique positioning and perspective. And especially, it’s vital that your client make sure their identity and perspective are poised to connect with their ideal customer.

Thursday, we’ll end this series by discussing how to use content and content platforms to bring together the sides – your client’s unique voice, and their ideal customers’ ears and eyes. Stay tuned!

Which of the three points so far – company identity, unique positioning, and connecting with ideal customers – are the most important for your clients? Share in the comments! 

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