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Welcome back to the Finding Your Voice Series! In today’s installment, we’ll be looking at helping your clients understand their unique offer and personality.

Every marketing firm worth their salt knows that the first step to helping any client is identifying a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Your clients may sell widgets, but so do a dozen other companies. The question is how do they sell widgets differently? Luckily, finding the USP is also a great start to finding the uniqueness of your client for their content strategy. And you’re already great at it!

When it comes to content, the USP is not the only element of a client’s uniqueness. Not every page or piece of content will be sales oriented. Other things to look at include:

  • The company’s history – do they have a unique start, or is their founder interesting? The can be a great part of their story.
  • The company’s awards – what have they won that set them apart in the industry? Can this be part of their branding? A company that has won ‘best place to work’ can offer some behind-the-scenes content, for instance.
  • The company’s perspective – how do they see the world? This can be a rich source of uniqueness. A client can focus on whimsy, an anti-establishment stance, or a buttoned-up business feel. The only caveat is to be sure the client is connecting with their audience through this perspective.

Every human being is different. In the same way, every client is different. Finding the USP is a great start to understanding their uniqueness. As you dig in to their backstory and perspective, you’ll find even more great ideas.

Bringing these ideas together in a way that connects with your client’s ideal customer is the next step, and we’ll discuss that next Tuesday. The final step, on Thursday, will be about bringing all the elements of voice together into a cohesive content strategy. Stay tuned!

What is the most unique USP or perspective you’ve ever found for a client? Share in the comments!

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