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Finding Your Voice

Welcome to the Finding Your Voice Series at Point Content Marketing! This two week series is about helping your clients understand their voice and point-of-view. Then, we’ll cover tips on how to convert that point of view into compelling content. This process is absolutely critical if your content marketing plan for your clients is going to succeed.

Today’s installment is about defining who your client is as a company. This is the foundation to moving forward with any content strategy. If you don’t know who you are, you can’t know what your unique position is, what voice you have, or how to share your vision.

Where are they now? The first step to understanding who your client is rests in understanding how they currently view themselves and how they are currently viewed in the marketplace. Here are some action steps that can make that easier.

  • Ask the primary marketing or brand leaders within the company to each write down three words that describe the company today.
  • See what’s being said about the company online and in print.
  • Review the company’s history and brand story.
  • Help the client understand their core competency in the industry or market.
  • Review existing content to see how the company is currently positioning their brand and what voice is being used.

As you go through these steps, you may hit a few roadblocks. Some companies are fragmented and struggle to identify only one or two core competencies – or worse, they may stand on a competency they don’t really have. You may find an inconsistent voice in current content. Fortunately, this is just your starting point – your Point A on the map.

Where do they want to go? The next step is to understand how the client wants to view themselves and be seen. Here are some action steps to help the client define their desired identity.

  • Ask the primary marketing or brand leaders to also write down three words that describe how the company should be in the future.
  • Ask the same leaders to write down three words to describe how the company should be perceived in the market and in the industry.
  • Work with the client to define and gain agreement on one or two core competencies that can be a focus for the content strategy.
  • Determine the kind of voice the client desires to have. Authoritative? Anti-establishment? Fun? Gain agreement on what best fits the brand.

This will be your destination – Point B on the map. As with all content strategy, be sure you have buy-in from every stakeholder in the content strategy project. If everyone is not in agreement, the long-term strategy will suffer. While it takes more time to get complete buy-in, it’s well worth the payoff in successful content marketing. And of course, one happy client leads to many others.

Do your clients have trouble defining who they are? What roadblocks have you hit? Please share in the comments!

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