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Get Your Message Heard - Use Their Language

Are you having trouble connecting with your customers? Does it seem impossible to get your message heard? Before you write off whatever platform or medium you’re using, take a close look at the language you use.

Too many small businesses use the wrong words when talking to their prospects and current clients. This often leads to customers not really understanding the value you can bring them.

Let’s take a look at how to bring new specificity and simplicity to getting your message heard.

1. Listen to Your Audience

Almost nobody does this. But the ones who do rise to the top of their industry.

Talk directly to your prospects and customers. Listen to and take note of the exact words they’re using. Take careful note, because they’re telling you their pain-points, and what keeps them awake at night when they’re trying to solve this problem.

Now use these exact words in your messaging. This has two main benefits:

  1. These are the words they want to read/hear when looking for a solution
  2. These are the words they will punch into Google to find you

“You’ll earn your customers’ trust when you talk to them in the language they use to talk to each other. Once you have their trust, it’s easy to survey what’s on their minds,” wrote Aaron Agius, a Contributor To

Your industry is complex and your knowledge is vast. But don’t overwhelm or confuse your customers with industry specific jargon or shoptalk. Use the simple terms your customers are using, and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get your message heard.

Most people use jargon because they want to come off as smart and knowledgeable about their field. BUT, if you’re able to simplify things, and tell customers exactly what they need to hear, that shows a greater mastery of the topic.

Some companies make up their own terms to sound like industry trend-setters, or because they feel existing words don’t describe everything they do. But, remember, people don’t actually say, “I need self help.” Nor do they Google it. They say, “I can’t sleep because I feel overwhelmed.”

2. Read Their Reviews

Go onto Look at the books your customers like to read. Now read all the reviews—the 5 star reviews and the 1 star reviews.

Again, pay close attention to the words they used when describing:

  • Why they loved this book
  • Why they hated this book
  • What the book taught them
  • Where the book let them down

Now take this a step further, and search Google for online reviews that critique you and your competitors. Again, the good and the bad. This is going to give you an unfiltered account of what people want, and what delights or disappoints them.

Now use these words to get your message heard. Use them to describe the problems and the transformation you will bring them. You’ll be amazed how much more you’ll connect with prospects and customers.

3. Use Quora

If you haven’t visited Quora yet, you’re missing out on the biggest and most detailed Q and A forum in the entire world.

People are asking and answering questions on everything from technology, to sports, to politics, to religion, to business. Believe me, people are talking about your industry there, so you want in on the conversation.

A big part of digital marketing is taking part in these discussions. But that’s a whole different blog topic.

For now, you’re just going to read these conversations, and look at how these questions are asked, and the words they’re using to describe their confusion. Using these terms will help resonate with your clients and get more traction with your messaging.

It’s not really hard to get your message heard if you use the right language. When you discover the words your prospects and customers use to describe their problems, and use those in your messaging, you’ll sound like someone who “gets it”. They’ll truly believe that you can solve their problems – which is how leads turn into customers!

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