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One challenge that everyone in content marketing faces is trying to create enough quality content. Depending on the content channels a brand wants to use, you can need tweets, blog posts and Facebook updates nearly every day, along with large content like reports on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Unfortunately, no one has an unlimited supply of money to hire writers to create this content, or an unlimited supply of creativity to create it themselves. Fortunately, there are three great ways to reimagine the use of existing content: The Top-Down Method, the Bottom-Up Method, and the Thematic Method.

Which method you choose has to do with what’s best and easiest for the particular client or brand. Today, I’ll describe the Top-Down and Bottom-Up Methods. Later in the week I’ll cover the Thematic Method.

Steps in the Top-Down Content Creation Method:


  1. Start with a large, well-researched report that relates to the brand’s offering or persona. I would recommend putting one out quarterly. This report can be advertised via Twitter and Facebook, and offered either at a premium or as a free download in return for an email enrollment to the brand’s mailings.
  2. Each month, release a medium-sized piece of content related to the large report. Ideas include a summary PDF, an interview with one of the key experts (or multiple interviews if there are multiple experts), a case study, or a PowerPoint presentation released to SlideShare.
  3. Each week, release two to three blog posts exploring topics and issues raised in the quarterly report.
  4. Each day, release Twitter updates, Facebook updates, and/or Pinterest pins related to the report. Also keep up on blog post comments on the brand blog, while sharing and posting comments on related articles around the web.


This is, of course, a very comprehensive example – a brand or marketing firm with fewer resources would need to adjust these steps, especially the daily updates.

The Bottom-Up Method is very similar, but you start with smaller pieces of information and aggregate them into a bigger whole each quarter.

Steps in the Bottom-Up Content Creation Method: 


  1. Start with daily brand-related updates to Twitter, Facebook, and/or Pinterest. Make sure the updates resonate with the brand’s overall story and persona. Comment on and share related online content with brand followers.
  2. Continue with two or three blog posts a week about the consumer’s pain points or driving desires. Speak to how the client’s industry can help the consumer.
  3. Each month, consider releasing a video or audio interview with an expert in the client’s field, speaking to the consumer needs. Email a newsletter to their enrolled prospects. Or, publish a case study or consumer success story based on their blog posts.
  4. Finally, on a quarterly basis, aggregate the brand’s content into a special newsletter, webinar, or best-practices guide.


Whichever way you choose to go, you want to keep the cycle moving in the direction of reimagining existing content into new forms. By doing this, you can not only help your client reach their prospects across the web, you will also save your firm money and staff hours in creating content.

Which method of content creation makes the most sense for your clients? Share in the comments! 

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