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A recent Nielsen report shows that the number of homes that get traditional television service is continuing to decrease, but they still own televisions. New media sources, such as Netflix and Apple TV, are taking over the entertainment market share. Three years ago, 99 percent of homes received traditional TV signals. Now it’s down to just below 96%.

This may not seem like a big deal – after all, 96% is a still a big number. However, it shows that the nature of media consumption is changing, and any business that does marketing or content creation (which should be all of us!) needs to take notice. The decline is so significant that Nielsen has decided to redefine ‘television household’ to include these alternate media sources.

It’s Time to Become Interactive

Traditional advertising sources that used to capture large amounts of viewers simply by interrupting their favorite programs, such as TV commercials, are losing effectiveness even as the price of air-time continues to climb. Even viewers with television increasingly use DVRs to skip commercials, and viewers who move to other media are not seeing the traditionally aired ads at all.

Marketers need to take a new approach to gaining customers. It’s an approach that content marketers such as myself have been trumpeting for years – engagement. However, how do you engage customers who are increasingly tuning out an advertising message? The answer is simple – become interactive.

Ads that get consumer attention and build brands are the ads that make the customer feel like they are part of something, not just a dull listener who is being shouted at. Interactive ads are a great way to get user attention, and increases the chance a campaign will go viral.

Two Great Interactive Ads on YouTube

YouTube is a great place to start advertising campaigns, and it doesn’t require a huge budget. Here are two great examples of interactive advertising that helps gain – and keep – a potential buyer’s attention.

Shoot The Bear

An interactive advertisement for the British white-out product Tipp-Ex, this video has over 20 million views and has made a big difference in the product’s sales. Watch and enjoy!


Deliver Me to Hell

Choose-your-own-adventure books were always my favorite reads when I was younger. This video is an interactive choose-your-own-adventure that promotes a pizza delivery business. It led to a sharp increase in sales and new customers.



In today’s changing media world, a business can no longer rely on old advertising techniques. It’s time to get interactive – engage your customers and make them want to view and share your content and brand message.

What’s your favorite interactive advertising? Share in the comments! 


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