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This is part of a series of posts on different methods and tips for how to do research on the internet for content creation.

Last week we looked at two different ways to organize the information to you find while doing internet research for content creation. This week we will be looking at different research tools that can be very helpful in your content research.

Today, we’re looking at Topsy, a tool that searches both Twitter and Google+ quickly and effectively. With this dual capability, and already useful tool becomes even more exciting. Topsy allows you to see what topics are trending right now and what people have to say about them. Because many people tweet or post links to relevant articles, you also end up with a wealth of detailed information.

Why Use Topsy?

If Twitter and Google+ have a built-in search, why go to an alternate resource to find out what is being said? Simply put, Topsy gives you more relevant, more specific results than a single search source.


  • Topsy’s Twitter results allow you to create an RSS feed that you subscribe to containing the most recent results of your search. This is fantastic for ongoing research.
  • Topsy gives you search results based on relevance or most recent posts/tweets; it’s your choice
  • You can limit the time range of results to anything from the past hour to the past 30 days. There’s even an option for ‘all time’ (aka, back to 2008).
  • You can search specifically for things like photos, videos, or links that have been tweeted or posted on Google+
  • You can search for results in a variety of languages, which is very important for international companies
  • A new feature allows you to search based on what ‘experts’ in your field are saying on either network. Experts are determined by an influence algorithm that measures mentions, retweets, and shares of content. 


When doing research online, you want to know what topics are trending and what folks have to say about them. With 140 million users on Twitter and 100 million active users on Google+, Topsy distinguishes itself as a tool that can get you outstanding information. The best part is that it’s free! With a tool like Topsy, there’s no excuse for not knowing what topics are important online today.

Do you use Topsy? What have your results been? Let me know in the comments!

Anna Brown 

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