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In marketing, one of the first things you are taught to do when you have a product or service that needs promotion is define your client. Who are the people who are going to buy this item from your company? There are many details that get mapped out at this stage:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Marital Status
  • Income
  • Occupation
  • Hobbies
  • Number (if any) of Children
  • Location
  • Social Network Usage
  • etc…
This is an excellent way to find out who your best client actually is. But is that the best way to get them to buy your product?
Marketing to Who Your Client Wants to Be

Everyone, without exception, has goals and dreams about what they want from life and who they want to be. Potential customers will be much more excited about a product or service that helps them reach toward those goals, or helps them overcome pitfalls on the way to a better life. To effectively sell a product or service, try defining who your best customer wants to be:
  • Financial Goals
  • Family Goals
  • Housing/Location Goals
  • Personal Development Goals
  • Health Goals
  • Desires for their Children
  • Travel Goals
  • Retirement Goals
  • etc… 
How can you align your product with your best customers dreams and desires? Baby Einstein videos play to a parent’s desire to get the best education for their children. Financial firms promise a secure future and retirement through the use of their services. Diet services pitch their help in reaching health and physical goals. People will be thrilled to try your service or product if you can help them with who they want to be, rather than targeting where they already are in life.
What goals are you helping your best clients achieve?

Anna Brown


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