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Social Media and Email Marketing

Social Media Examiner is one of my favorite marketing blogs, and the article I’m highlighting today is exactly why.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing with Social Media hits on two of my favorite topics – email marketing and social media marketing – and brings them into one. Not only that, it specifically dives into promotional options on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Now, if I could just get the author to deliver me fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies and a glass of milk while I read… but I digress.

Let’s look at what makes this post so awesome. First of all, everyone knows they need a lead magnet to invite people into their email list, and Kristi starts off with exactly that point. Then, she talks about having a squeeze page in order to collect the email address you need and deliver the free report.

Then it gets really good. Next Kristi does a deep dive into how to promote your lead magnet on three of the most important platforms of social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

For Facebook:

While you can share the URL to your lead magnet’s squeeze page on your business page and personal profile, you can also create a custom tab (an extra button in the navigation bar) on your business page to house an opt-in form. You could similarly create a call-to-action button on your business Facebook page that allows customers to sign up. Or, you could create a cover photo and description that links to your squeeze page. Finally, Kristi dives into Facebook ads as a great option to reach targeted audiences.

For Twitter:

Similar to Facebook, there are various options on your Twitter bio that you can use to invite people to receive your lead magnet and join your marketing list. Putting the link to the squeeze page in your bio is especially helpful because it’s a clickable link in Twitter search results. Kristi also discusses Twitter lead cards, a super exciting element of Twitter advertising that I’m looking forward to investigating myself. You do have to sign up for a Twitter ads account, but the lead cards are free. Finally, Twitter has targeted paid advertising just as Facebook does.

For LinkedIn:

In addition to highlighting your lead magnet in your profile description, you can take advantage of the LinkedIn Publications section of your profile to link to any content you create. These links should be directly to your squeeze pages so you can gain email addresses. The best part is you can highlight multiple pieces of content and gain opt-ins from a broader audience! You can also use LinkedIn paid advertising to target specific user demographics and professions.

Social Media Examiner, in typical style, does a great job illustrating each of these options and making the steps very easy to understand. If you’re looking for a way to use social media to drive your email marketing, I hope this overview piqued your interest! Head over to Social Media Examiner and read the whole piece now!

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