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            When your business is growing and client work is coming in, things are generally considered to be going very well. And for your business, that’s true! However, for you personally, it may be a struggle to handle a growing company. You want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself too. Here are some ways to refresh your spirit in the midst of very busy times.

Meditate or Pray. My spiritual life is extremely important to me, and I find that centering myself on God is a fantastic way to refresh my spirit, even in the most busy times. Do something to nurture your soul. Connect your spirit to the One outside you. You’ll find yourself strengthened and able to move forward with whatever challenges you face.

Take a Walk. I find that being outside in nature is a great way to slow down and remember the beauty that surrounds me. Getting out of the office for even a few minutes to take in the sun, listen to the birds, and enjoy the weather can be amazingly refreshing.

Eat Fresh Food. Sometimes you feel tired or unfocused simply because you’re hungry or dehydrated. Take a break and get some good, fresh food – a salad, a piece of fruit, or some raw vegetables. Drink water. You’ll be surprised how much of a difference some fresh food and water will make in your mental abilities.

Take a Technology Break. We all use technology to do our work and often to stay in touch with our friends. But we all know that Facebook, Twitter, and even television or Netflix can be a big drain on our spirits. Take a technology break for a day, or even an hour. Take advantage of the extra time to rest, have a picnic, or do something else in the non-digital world.

Meet a Friend In Person. As Facebook and blogs take over our daily social activities, we can go weeks without seeing a friend in person. To refresh your spirit, give one of your close friends a call and arrange to meet for dinner or coffee. Sometimes a good friend will provide just the lift – and new perspective – that you need to move forward.

            In our technological world, it’s easy to forget about nurturing the soul inside of you. Each of us have deep emotional and spiritual needs that cannot be ignored. These five tips should help you renew your spirit, even in the busiest times. 

How do you refresh yourself in busy times? Let me know in the comments! 


Anna Brown 

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