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Blog Post Samples Showcasing My Expertise!


What is a Good Credit Score

I explain both FICO and  VantageScore, talk about what constitutes “good” in each system, and discuss the factors that influence each type of score.


How Much Money Do I Need to Retire?

Not having enough for retirement is a major fear for most Americans. This article discusses how much you might spend in retirement and how much you need to have saved to support that lifestyle.


Umbrella Insurance Policies

An in-depth look at umbrella insurance and why it’s important. Article includes what is generally covered by umbrella insurance, annual premiums, and factors that influence the cost of coverage.


Lender Profile: College Ave Student Loans

I created a variety of lender profiles for my client Road2College, including this one for College Ave. This project included researching the fine print of lenders and several times required a phone call to get specific details.


Cancer Insurance

I explain this little-known coverage, including benefits and reasons to choose this type of policy. The article also includes a list of insurers who offer cancer insurance.


Credit Management

This article discusses a wide variety of types of credit and how each one can be used wisely. There are also tips on keeping your credit information secure and how to handle credit problems.

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