As a business owner, you know what you create and sell. However, it’s possible that not many others do. It’s important to know where you are in your marketing efforts, where you need to go, and how to get there. You need someone to help you make a map.

Once you have your map, you need to make it happen. There’s endless need for content on your blog. And then there’s sales copy. You know you need marketing postcards, fliers, business cards, and more. You want to keep your website and landing pages bringing in sales and revenue. And most of all, you’ve heard that email marketing has an AMAZING return on investment, with 91% of email users checking their messages at least once a day.

But how can you sell it if you’re unsure how to say it? You need someone with experience in writing blog posts and sales copy to help you implement your Marketing Map. Someone who knows how to get real sales results and skip the cute-but-ineffective tactics.

I understand those needs. Working with me, you’ll experience:

  • Clarity as we work to define the unique Marketing Map for your business, showing you where and how to focus
  • Less stress as your blogging needs are met on-schedule, without you having to sacrifice your main work
  • Confidence that your blog will be engaging and that your sales copy – in all formats – will be written for maximum impact
  • The opportunity to focus on your most important work and leave the writing to someone who specializes in great results and loves helping your business shine

I understand small business marketing and have diverse experience, writing blog posts about everything from wedding invitations to Obamacare with great success. I have great research skills so I can tackle any topic quickly and efficiently. I also understand all forms of sales copywriting and know how to focus content to get great results.

I offer a variety of services:

  • Consulting to help your business create a unique Marketing Map to define and focus your efforts
  • Blog Post Writing, including ongoing contracts
  • Email Campaign Sales Copy and Templates
  • Print Sales Copy – Fliers, Postcards, Business Cards and more
  • Website and Landing Page Sales Copy

Samples of my work are available on request, and I regularly contribute to the Real Estate Marketing Magazine.

Contact me today at to get a quote on your project, and let’s get started making your business the talk of the industry!