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Google seems to like the animal theme – after Panda, we get Penguin as the new, sweeping update to the search algorithm. Not that they are done with Panda yet either – combining their love of animals with a love of numbered updates, Google released Panda 3.6 on April 27th.

As with all large-scale Google updates, the search world is up in arms. Claims of ruination echo through forums across the web. Examples of spam sites still ranking on Page 1 are trotted out as proof that the update is a failure. Internet marketers around the world are scrambling to understand the new algorithm and target their sites accordingly.

As a content provider, I have to admit that I am a bit mystified by all the hand-wringing. It seems clear to me that there is one simple way to avoid being penalized by Google:


It takes work. Yes, it takes effort and creativity to stay up to date on your industry and consistently produce informative content. However, it takes a lot less work than trying to ‘trick’ Google into ranking lazy pages on Page 1. Think about how much sleep you lose at night wondering if there will be a new update and how it will effect your rank. Now think about how well you’d sleep if you knew you had great, relevant content that Google would want to show to its searchers. Doing it right means never having to re-write a whole site in order to recover from a drop to Page 15.

Google is trying to please the searching public. Honestly, they aren’t all that interested in whether your business lost revenue. They’re interested in whether your site provides information that people want to see. The best way to be in step with Google is not to devote weeks to ‘cracking the code’. It’s to devote each day to creating the best site you possibly can, a site that searchers are looking for. Google isn’t perfect. Neither is your site. But if both of you are trying for the same goal, you’ll have a lot fewer Google-induced headaches.

Get your content out. Give it away, create content that goes viral, raise awareness, and be sure to include sharing mechanisms on every page. Not only will the public find out more about you and who your business is, so will search engines. Why spend months and thousands of dollars on a link building campaign? Great content shared freely is the best and cheapest link building available.

I’m not saying I know everything about Google and search. And if your business was affected, I’m honestly sorry. But the best insurance against Panda, Penguin, and any future Google updates is one simple idea:


Anna Brown

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