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A photo I took of LA Traffic

This is part of a series on how content can be used to bring leads, increase sales, and improve your business’ competitive position.

I just got back from a fantastic trip to Los Angeles, California. My boyfriend and I saw all the sights, took a tour, and watched some baseball. But the one thing that struck me the most was how utterly crowded LA was, and how much crazy traffic there was.

Despite having five lanes of traffic traveling each direction, there were frequent traffic jams – and we weren’t even trying during rush hour! Everyone was in their own car, going to their own location, and not that worried about the other cars. The fact that so many people travel alone was evidenced by the lack of use of the carpool lane.

As I reflected on my trip I realized that when it comes to sharing content, social media is a lot like that LA traffic. Everyone has their own goals, and isn’t that interested in other people’s destinations. Many people are traveling ‘alone’ – that is, it’s just their company’s content, and they aren’t collaborating with anyone. This is true despite the existence of a ‘carpool lane’ – the fact that collaboration can get your content shared and noticed by a much wider audience than if you work alone.

How to Get Noticed

How do you fight the traffic? How do you get your content noticed? Here are three simple tips. 

Build Relationships. The trouble that many businesses have with social media is that it takes time to build true relationships that lead to sales and collaboration. With many companies looking at ROI above all else, they often feel they don’t have the time to really invest in others. However, not doing so will leave your social media attempt flat. If you want social media to really work for you, you have to invest the time to really get to know people.

Care. The bottom line of LA traffic and much social media content is that folks don’t care about other travelers. If you truly care, and help someone move toward their destination, it will really be notable. That person will likely become a social media follower of yours, and may also encourage their friends to follow you too. The key is really helping others – people can smell self-interest and it will make you seem like every other driver out there, derailing your efforts.

Collaborate. As mentioned above, working with others can extend the reach of all the efforts involved. When you collaborate with other companies, you get access to their followers as well as an endorsement from a company those folks already trust. The others you work with get the same from you. This can help your social media efforts have more effect and a wider penetration than they would otherwise. In other words, take the carpool lane.

Just because social media is a crowded highway doesn’t mean that you can’t get your content noticed. In fact, if you follow the three steps above, you’ll be so different that you can’t help being seen. When you take the time to build true relationships, care about others in the social space, and collaborate with others, you will cut through the noise and reach your destination much more easily.

What are you doing to get your content noticed in social media? Share in the comments!


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