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How often do you say ‘Thank you’ to those you work with every day?

If there’s one thing I believe in strongly, it’s the power of relationships. Whether you need a shoulder to lean on or an open door for a new opportunity, your relationships will get you there. I’m also a big believer in showing appreciation as often as possible.

Our world is full of people who don’t feel appreciated for the work they do. It can be a challenge for each of us to reach outside ourselves and thank those around us for their contribution. But it’s deeply important. 

Yesterday I had the opportunity to bring some appreciation into a workplace with a fairly negative environment. At this particular company, more focus is placed on what employees do wrong than what they do right. They are graded based on their mistakes, or lack thereof. The supervisors try to create contests and do fun thing to keep morale up on their teams. But who’s showing appreciation to the supervisors?

I knew about a particular metric that five supervisors had done well on. I bought Thank You cards and little fun gifts like stickers and silly string. I wrote cards to those five supervisors and it made their day. It had been ages since they had a real pat on the back, and to receive one really meant the world. 

I also have a tradition of making fudge for my clients and sending it to them around the holidays as a ‘Thank you’ for the business we’ve done during the year. I always get enthusiastic thanks in return, and it gives me joy also. I truly want people to know that I care and appreciate them.

What would happen if you took some time today to say ‘Thanks’ to someone? Try it out. Show some appreciation, or let them know that their work matters to you, or that their friendship is appreciated. Here are a few quick ideas about how to do this:


  • Get a thank you card for them or write a heartfelt note
  • Treat them out to coffee or lunch
  • Publicly recognize their efforts in a meeting or in an email to the boss
  • Get them a small gift they would appreciate


Showing appreciation not only brings joy to the person you thank, but also to you. It builds relationships and goodwill. A small act can be remembered for years.

Who will you appreciate today? Share in the comments! 


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