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Content marketing is not something you can simply implement and assume it will work. Like a sales pitch in a boardroom, there are ways to really it mess it up. Let’s take a look at three things that will absolutely alienate your prospects.

Attention Getting with Nothing to Back it Up. I made the mistake of going to see the movie The Dictator a couple weeks ago. I knew from the previews that it would be irreverent and even offensive in parts, but I thought it would have the slap-stick humor to back it up. I was wrong. The whole movie was offense-for-offense’s sake, and it was awful. I walked out.

In the same way, your content may be great at getting attention and yet your prospects are clicking off your page after a few seconds. You have to not only get attention, you need to have the quality of message to hold it. Make sure your content isn’t just flash and fluff – define the needs of your prospects and the ways your product meets those needs, and make that your core message.

Not Knowing Your Prospect. Most marketers understand the need to define their ideal client, but they stop too soon. Defining your ideal client based on various market segments (age, location, hobbies, etc) is great. However, you need to move on and understand your client’s fears, desires, and aspirations. Use these to help understand how your product can address your prospect’s needs. You would never go into a boardroom presentation without a clear understanding of how your solution can help the folks you’re pitching to. Don’t put up content without that understanding either.

If you put up content without knowing who your client is and what their needs are, you end up sounding like “Me, me, me, and by the way me.” People are no longer passive consumers of advertising – they want something that engages them. If you fail to engage, you’ll alienate the prospect and lose the customer.

Not Knowing Yourself. Who is your company? More importantly, who do you want your company to be to prospects? Most marketers miss this point completely. In the world of online content you are sight-unseen – unlike the boardroom, no one sees your smile, your suit, or a round of golf after the presentation. You need to determine how you want to present your company online. Will you have a fun, whimsical tone? Will you be more buttoned-down and serious? Your personality needs to come through in your site design and most especially in your content. 

If you fail to give a consistent personality, your prospects will be confused and they won’t know how to engage with you. Worse, they may decide they can’t trust you. Either way, you’ll alienate the prospect and lose out on the customer relationship.

The goal of any content marketing strategy is to engage prospects, help them see the benefit of your product, and turn them into customers. By avoiding these three common mistakes, you’ll be several steps ahead of your competition in winning those clients.

What are other mistakes to avoid when creating content? How do you best engage your prospects? Let us know in the comments! 


Anna Brown


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