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The saying going around the web is ‘Content is king’. But why? Content is nice for SEO, but is only one part of the puzzle – without quality links, a proper site design, and other tools, your great content will go unnoticed.

Think about this, though – imagine you had a one on one meeting with your most important prospect. What would you say? What would you offer? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have that kind of face time? Here’s the reality – you do. Through your content.

Great content is hard work, which is why less honorable marketers try to find a way around it. You may be able to get a Google PageRank of 1 (at least temporarily) through black-hat or questionable methods. But without good content, it won’t matter. It’s like getting in the door of your best prospect but having nothing to show them. Content isn’t just about rank. In fact, its primary purpose is completely different – the primary purpose of all content is to engage your prospects and customers.

When you think about your content from that angle, it becomes a lot more important! Think about how much time you spend on pitches and proposals to prospects. Do you put that effort into your online content? Why not? You would never expect to land a big account through a shoddy presentation that was done on ‘spare time’. Today, your prospect is searching for solutions online. Your content won’t land that account if it’s shoddy and rushed either.

You owe it to yourself and your business to take online content seriously and to produce it professionally. Perhaps you don’t have the time, or you can’t dedicate the resources to having a full-time content manager on staff. That’s alright – there are freelancers who are well qualified, excellent writers and marketers. You can hire someone by project, or consider having a freelancer that you love on a monthly retainer. Either way, you get professional, focused work for far less cost.

Content is king because as the world moves more and more into virtual search and sales, your content is the big pitch, the big sales presentation. If your content is not focused, professional, and effective, you’ll lose the sale to your competitor. Investing in your online content is the best thing you can do to continue your company’s growth. It’s your sales presentation – how do you want it to look?

Anna Brown


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